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Hello and thanks for visiting our brand new Great Place to Work Store. The inspiration for opening the shop came from our clients who were constantly asking us whether we could provide ideas to promote the launch of the journey in their organisation with their employees, tips on celebrating the achievement of being awarded a position as a Great Place to Work, and advice on the best ways to promote the achievement to clients and stakeholders. Therefore as a first step we have set up this store which will hopefully provide you with a range of merchanise to address each part of the journey you maybe at right now. We will be developing this site to ensure it becomes a one stop shop full of resources to support you and your organisation each step of the way. If you wish to discuss a more tailored approach to your organisations specific needs in this area feel free to email info@gptw-store.com where our marketing and promotional partners will arrange everything. Achieving the status of being ‘great’ is a wonderful achievement, maximising the value from that achievement is what makes it worthwhile.

To celebrate the launch of the Great Place to Work® Store, we are providing a free artwork service on all products.


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